We envision capsule endoscopy as a golden standard examination of the gastrointestinal tract.


BioCam design and manufactures an endoscopic capsule for imaging of the digestive system for real-time determination of potential threats.

BioCam capsule
results available in
the cloud
Low invasive
measurement and
recognification of
lesions and

Benefits for Patients

Increased comfort of use - after swallowing the capsule patient can return to daily tasks
Capsule is easy to swallow and whole examination is safe to perfome at home
Cost of the examination will be similar to the cost of colonoscopy and gastroscopy pack

BioCam® Telemedicine Platform

Among the endoscopy capsule itself we also provide AI-powered software for automatic detection and real-time determination of potential threats.

Image analysis will be conducted by artificial intelligence models and automatic classification and evaluation of images. Thanks to that time of analysis will shorten and detection of lesions will decrease.

The development work includes conducting clinical studies that will allow the verification of the effectiveness of the system. The results of these studies will be compared with the results of classical gi endoscopy and other capsule endoscopy systems.

roadmap of capsule endoscopy

Power Of Algorithms

Up to 97% accurancy of neural networks in detecting images with potential pathologies.

Power of algorithms

Thanks to our algorithms, we are able to increase the image resolution up to 4 times / 400%

BioCam® Mobile Application

Additional help for the patients is our convenient mobile app which tells  you all the required information about preparing for the examination, and will even remind you about all the steps needed.

Connecting the capsule to your device is as easy as it might seem. You simply click the connect button and search for our capsule on the  list of devices.

Once the device has connected to the
capsule, the test can begin.