From Vision to Interface - Unravel Case Study

Maria Kivachuk
October 30, 2023

At BioCam, we had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Unravel's team of senior designers, and we are excited to share our case study on this collaboration. In June, Unravel, as a sponsor of the "Evolutions: Meetup & Showcase" startup competition, awarded BioCam a special prize in the form of one month of support from their talented designers. This case study provides an inside look at how our collaboration with Unravel's UX/UI designers unfolded and the positive impact it had on our project.

BioCam's Vision and the Challenge

BioCam is dedicated to creating innovative healthcare solutions, and our flagship project involves an endoscopic capsule for home-based imaging of the entire digestive system, along with an image analysis system for automatic detection of pathological changes and to assist doctors in the diagnostic process. The technology includes an endoscopic capsule, a mobile application for patients, and a telemedical platform supported by AI algorithms for doctors and medical facilities.

Automatic assessment helps to reduce examination and analysis time, saving both patient and doctor time.

Biocam desires that more people examine themselves when it is still possible to treat them.

The Collaboration Journey

Initial Meeting and Project Presentation: The collaboration began with an initial meeting between our teams, where we had the chance to introduce our project and share our vision for the collaboration. Together, we identified a key area of focus: designing an intuitive, modern mobile application. This application would guide patients through the process of preparing for the endoscopic capsule examination and assist in configuring the devices for the examination.

  • Concept Development: With the support of Unravel's experienced designers, we embarked on a 30-day journey to develop a concept for the mobile application. Drawing from BioCam's description of the planned application and our preliminary research, Unravel's team provided us with wireframes as a starting point.
  • Meeting Unique Requirements: The challenge lay in meeting the specific requirements of BioCam's system. Our mobile application would be an integral part of a certified medical device, demanding adherence to a distinct set of criteria. Furthermore, the interface needed to be user-friendly for patients of all ages.
  • Iterative Collaboration: Throughout the collaboration, Unravel's designers were responsive to our feedback and consistently proposed innovative solutions. This iterative process resulted in the development of a clear and intuitive user interface that would meet both our medical requirements and the needs of our diverse user base.
  • Comprehensive Design Guidelines: In addition to the application design, Unravel's designers prepared a dark mode version of the application and a detailed, extensive design guideline. This guideline documented the styles of fonts, color schemes, and consistent components of the application's design, greatly facilitating the implementation for our mobile development team.


We are delighted to report that our collaboration with Unravel's UX/UI designers was an outstanding success. Despite being part of a competition prize, we felt professionally supported and well-cared for throughout the process. The result was a high-quality mobile application design that fully aligned with our goals and exceeded our expectations.

This partnership not only showcased BioCam's capabilities but also exemplified the power of collaboration and innovation when two exceptional teams come together. We are grateful to Unravel for their invaluable contribution to our mission of improving healthcare through technology.

written by
Maria Kivachuk
Marketing Specialist & UX Designer, BioCam