Telemedicine – a new branch of medicine?

Wiktoria Budziar
November 2, 2021

Global pandemic got us thinking - how can I get checked by my physician if I don’t want to leave the house?

Due to lockdowns telehealth is undergoing a revival and it has become a whole new branch of medicine. A whole bunch of medicine specialties had an opportunity to take advantage of telemedicine. The world is slowly coming back to normal. However, the new reality gave us a chance to develop hybrid approaches to provide healthcare.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of telehealth services skyrocketed. Will telehealth stay with us for good? According to McKinsey's analysis, the use of telehealth services in July 2021 stabilized at 38 times higher level than before the pandemic. Also, both patients and doctors view the solution more favorably than in early 2020. It is important to note that their approach varies depending on the type of care. On the other side, investments in telehealth continue to grow. The conclusion seems pretty simple - while telemedicine services still require constant improvement, they will stay with us as a powerful and promising option for medical care.

It is very clear that some of the specialists will likely hold their visits online/by phone than the others. On the list, they are pediatricians, routine visits with a primary care physician, and psychologists or psychiatrists. There is no doubt that telemedicine will become a part of healthcare providers' offerings because the number of patients willing to use it rose from 11% (before COVID-19) to 40%.

What other benefits can we derive from telemedicine?

  • people with chronic diseases who need constant communication with physicians don’t need to show up to in-person appointments
  • people who have little access to easily accessible healthcare can now connect to their doctors with no need to drive a long way to the clinic
  • there is no need to make an appointment just to discuss lab tests results - it is now possible remotely
  • monitoring patients during ordered examinations - provides a lot of conveniences

written by
Wiktoria Budziar
Marketing Specialist, BioCam